UWP - How to use ListView item click event

UWP - ListView Item Click Event
The ListView class represents a control that displays data items in a vertical stack. The UWP app developers can use ListView to display a collection of items stacked vertically or horizontally. The ListView is an ItemsControl, so the ListView can contain a collection of items of any type. To populate a ListView the UWP developers have to add items to the Items collection or set the ItemsSource property to a data source. The ListView data item is displayed as the string representation by default.

The following Universal Windows Platform application development tutorial demonstrates how we can handle the item click event in a LisTview control.

In this UWP tutorial code, we put some items into a ListView control using an array item source. We data bind the LisView control programmatically by c# language. Then we add an ItemClick event to the ListView control. We display the ListView clicked item on a dialog when the user clicks an item of ListView.

The ListView ItemClick event occurs when an item in the list view receives an interaction, and the IsItemClickEnabled property is true. This event is inherited from ListViewBase. This event type is ItemClickEventHandler. The ItemClickEventHandler delegate represents the method that will handle an ItemClick event.

The ItemClickEventHandler(object sender, ItemClickEventArgs e) method has two parameters named sender and e. The sender parameter is an Object which is the object to which the handler is attached. And the e parameter is an ItemClickEventArgs which is the event data for the event.

The ItemClickEventArgs class ClickedItem property gets a reference to the clicked item.

The ListView class IsItemClickEnabled property gets or sets a value that indicates whether items in the view fire an ItemClick event in response to interaction. This property is also inherited from ListViewBase.

The MessageDialog class represents a dialog for showing messages to the user.


using Windows.UI.Xaml.Controls;
using Windows.UI.Popups;

namespace UniversalAppTutorials
    public sealed partial class MainPage : Page
        public MainPage()

            // Initialize a new string array
            string[] colors = {

            // Data bind the list view with array items
            ListView1.ItemsSource = colors;

        private void ListView1_ItemClick(object sender, ItemClickEventArgs e)
            // Get the list view clicked item text
            string clickedItemText = e.ClickedItem.ToString();

            // Initialize a new message dialog
            MessageDialog dialog = new MessageDialog("Clicked : " + clickedItemText);

            // Finally, display the clicked item text on dialog
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